All new features for November – Virgin Money Giving

Our team has been working hard all year to make your experience of using Virgin Money Giving even better. We’ve rebuilt the fundraiser and donor journeys, given our website a brand new look and feel, added Reporting BETA and started rolling out Donor Covers Fee (this will be live for all our charities over the coming weeks). And it’s not even December yet!

The focus for November was to provide a bunch of other gems too. Here’s a few of the little gems we’ve recently added.

We’ve made it easier for your supporters to discover you and stay connected

Your supporters can now search for your campaign on our homepage, and we’re making it easier for your fundraisers to stay connected with you too. Fundraisers now have the option to link their fundraising page to your campaign straight from their dashboard. Plus, when it’s all linked up, their supporters can find out more about you directly from the page they’re donating to, simply by clicking on your campaign, charity or the event.

Your fundraisers can choose how long they want to fundraise for

We’ve now given your fundraisers more flexibility so they can fundraise for as long as they like. They can now view and change the closure dates of any pages they’re using. What’s more, we’ve changed the expiry date for In Memory pages so they only close when the fundraiser wants them to. That way they can choose to close their pages whenever they feel the time is right from their dashboard.

Your supporters can personalise their stories and messages with emojis

Fundraisers can now add emojis to their story, and in the thank you emails we send to their supporters. Plus donors can add emojis to any donation message they write too.

Your fundraisers can add links to their thank you messages

Your fundraisers can now share links. For example, a fundraiser can share links to their social media channels so friends and family can follow their journey, or they can share links to your charity so their supporters can see what their donation means to you.