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Be your charity’s hero

Cancer charity fundraiser Jonathan and his wife Lauren with their marathon medals

My #ReasonToRun is that following my battle with Testicular Cancer and chemotherapy, I will continue to run with fight and determination for those who can’t, whilst fundraising for charity along the way. Putting your charity front and centre of everything you do, really helps to drive your fundraising and get your supporters to really understand why it matters. We caught up with Jonathan and …

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40,000 reasons to run

On Sunday 23 April 2017 around 40,000 runners will begin running the London Marathon. As huge a number as that is, it isn’t just a number. They are 40,000 individual people with 40,000 unique stories and 40,000 personal reasons to run. Today at London Marathon HQ, we met nine unique people – eight of whom are running the marathon and who shared …

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Hugh Brasher at the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon

Today at Virgin Money London Marathon Race HQ, we are joined by Race Director Hugh Brasher, son of co-founder of the event Chris Brasher. The Mental Health Marathon Hugh’s first piece of business is to announce his delight that the 2017 London Marathon would be the first “Mental Health Marathon” aiming to raise awareness of Heads Together; the official partner charity …

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Whatever you do, be creative

Being happy to be alive and urging for more progress with brain research is my #ReasontoRun One thing we’ve learned this week is that when you’re fundraising, it’s really important that your donation requests, your story and your page stand out. If they are different, if they grip your supporters, you interest people and interested people make donations. If there’s anything you …

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This year, the Virgin Money London Marathon has a very special theme. We are asking people to think about their #ReasontoRun. Hugh Brasher, the race director, explained; We know every single runner has a unique #ReasonToRun the world’s greatest marathon. Whether it’s to set a PB, to raise money for a cause, to remember a loved one, to break a Guinness …

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