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The lost art of throwing a TV out of a hotel room

The lost art of throwing a TV out of a hotel room window

Following the launch of the Virgin Money Sex Pistols Credit Cards we’ve been looking long and hard at bands these days and they just aren’t what they use to be…they’ve lost something…and we’ve worked out what it is. Bands don’t trash hotel rooms any more! And they don’t, simply because you just can’t! The signature act of trashing a hotel …

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Launching the Sex Pistols credit card

Sex Pistols Credit Card

Following the launch of our Sex Pistols credit card this morning we’ve been keeping an eye on your reactions. It’s fair to say we’ve created quite a stir, but it’s the music and punk puns filling our feeds which made us smile, here’s our favourites. 1. Or could we interest you in a Rage Against Machine personal loan? (h/t @axelk) …

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Never mind the bankers

Never mind the bankers – I wanted to give you my honest thoughts on our latest ad campaign featuring the Sex Pistols in all their revolutionary glory! I was a teenager in the 70s when hair was long, music was loud and change was in the air. I used to read Jackie magazine and fell in love with the safe and …

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